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3 Types of Lighting Needed In Your Kitchen

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Layering Your Kitchen Lights

There’s a lot more to kitchen lighting than hanging a few cool pendants. Be sure to include these three type of lights in your kitchen.

1. Ambient Lights (General)
This provides the overall illumination for the kitchen. Choose a soft glow that is bright but not glaring. It can come from recessed or surface mounted pendants, chandeliers, or wall-mounted sconces.

2. Task
This lighting is focused on areas such as food prep or cleanup. Typically this lighting comes from pendants, undercabinet, recessed, or track fixtures. To plan, think about which jobs you’ll complete where.

3. Accent
This type of lighting highlights design elements, such as items displayed on shelves, or special architectural elements. It comes from wall-mounted lights, angled, or pendants and should be significantly brighter than the surrounding ambient lighting.

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