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Checking Your Credit Scores

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We are all defined by many numbers.

Of course, there’s your social security number. Then your bank account number. Credit card numbers. Investment account numbers. Various entities have assigned you a number. Some people can even tell you their SAT scores but, have no idea what their FICO scores.

Your FICO score (developed by the Fair Issac Corporation) is a snapshot of your credit history and a measure of your creditworthiness, at least in the eyes of most lending institutions.

FICO scores are important because those with best scores get the best deals, by far, on the credit market. I would advise to not borrow money at all (aside from a mortgage), but if you must, at least borrow cheaply. Have a sterling credit score and comparison shopping fore credit are key.

There are three credit bureaus- Equifax, Experian and Transunion.

Every year you are entitled to one free report from each of the credit bureaus. To see your credit report, for to

The report is free. However, there is a small fee if you want your score.

Many leaders will use only one of the credit bureaus. Mortgage lenders will typically get all three scores and use the middle score for credit considerations.

If you want to see receive all three scores, go to

By Dana Ash-McGinty

Dana Ash-McGinty is the Principal Broker of ASH | MCGINTY, a Washington, DC Real Estate Brokerage. This real estate maven has 15+ years experience in residential, commercial and land sales in addition to multi-state residential renovation, re-zoning, and condo conversion projects. A sought after real estate authority, she has been featured on CNN and in various real estate and financial publications. Dana is married to the highly esteemed Dr. Dana W. McGinty, a Washington, DC internal medicine physician and medical correspondent. They are often referred to as "The Danas".