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Do I Qualify For Down Payment Assistance in MD if I Live in DC (and vice versa)?

down payment assistance
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down payment assistance

The short answer is yes. Yes, you qualify!

But first, what is down payment assistance?

You are probably familiar with the various down payment assistance programs available. These programs assist with homebuyers mortgage down payment and the various closing costs required to purchase a home.

These programs are referred to as:

  • first time home buyer programs
  • home buyer assistance programs
  • down payment assistance (DPA) programs

Down payment assistance programs (DPAs) are typically meant for first-time home buyers. However, a repeat home buyer often counts as a “first-time buyer” if they haven’t owned a home in the past three years. Other requirements might include income caps and buying a home in a qualified area. 

Every down payment assistance program is a little different. The exact requirements to qualify will depend on the programs that are available. 

Various sources fund DPAs. Money may come from federal, state, city, county and non-profit organizations. And each of these are free to set its own eligibility criteria and rules.

Now, let’s get to the original questions– Do I Qualify For Down Payment Assistance in MD if I Live In DC (and vice versa)?

Typically, programs that are available in Maryland are for anyone wanting to purchase a property in Maryland. If you live in Washington, DC, but you want to move to Maryland, you would qualify for a Maryland homeownership program.

And vice versa….

Programs that are available in Washington, DC are for anyone wanting to purchase a property in the District of Columbia. If you live in Maryland, but you want to move to DC, you would qualify for a DC homeownership program.

To qualify for most a down payment assistance programs, it is based on where you want to live, not where you currently live.

Got it? Let us know if you have any further questions.

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