We create value in single family residential assets by identifying, acquiring, and monetizing.

Dana Ash-McGinty,Principal Broker [REALTOR®, CRS, PSA, RENE, SFR®, SRS] has participated in over 100 renovations for rental and resale for her clients and partnerships, owns investment property, and creates strategies for building retirement wealth through real estate investing for clients and REALTORS®. She has established a niche business working with a variety of residential real estate investors in DC, GA, and MD.

ASH MCGINTY LLC is solely focused on utilizing its wealth of experience and advanced repositioning strategies to create higher values.

We specialize in investment residential real estate. We target only one type of investment: fee simple single family residential assets.

Our private investors generate strong risk-adjusted returns and expand their real estate investment portfolio without the required direct involvement in buying, selling, renting, managing, and renovating.

What makes us different? Our clients retain sole unencumbered ownership of their real estate investment portfolio. Your money is securely invested directly into the asset, void of any type of syndication, private equity, hedge fund, venture capital fund, or Partnership Agreements.

“Our singular focus is directing your investment, not owning your investment.”
Dana Ash-McGinty


  • Our Principal has over 20 years of experience in real estate investing in multiple markets.
  • ASH MCGINTY and its affiliate companies have sold over $500 million in residential and commercial real estate assets and controlled more than $20 million in real estate investments.
  • Successfully secured multiple development, re-zoning, and condo conversion projects.
  • Mission to provide flexibility, transparency, and unique accessibility to real estate investment.


The single family rental market has rapidly evolved rapidly in the past decade. It has transformed from a traditionally small business into a commercial real estate sector luring large investors seeking stable returns. Like multi-family of the recent past, single family home rentals are evolving into a new asset class proven to be as profitable and underwritten as multi-family and commercial property.

Additionally, considered a desirable investment because the resident in a single family rental home has a 75% to 80% renewal rate and stays in the home for three years, twice as long as residents in apartments. We then pair this with contractual rents that are higher than market rents because of a right to purchase option. Creating an opportunity for both the investor and the tenant/prospective buyer.

  • Identifying early opportunities in emerging markets with untapped potential for rental growth and property appreciation.
  • Leverage a clearly defined acquisition criteria and operating platform to acquire properties where value is uniquely created.
  • Monetize assets at favorable IRR’s (Internal Rate of Return) with a proven track record of generating superior returns while never having lost any investor capital.

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