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Passing the real estate exam is like passing a drivers written exam. After you pass, you still have to learn how to drive. The same is true for real estate.

Dana Ash-McGinty

Super, Awesome Agent Opportunities

Currently seeking:  (We welcome newly licensed agents.)

 Residential Real Estate Agents that also want to sell Investment & Commercial Real Estate.
 Real Estate Agents for First-Time Homebuyer and Investor Workshops/Seminars.

District of Columbia

Coming soon…
North Carolina
South Carolina

ASH MCGINTY is an alternative to both traditional and MLM brokerages. We are a socially responsible, boutique cloud based residential & commercial real estate brokerage with progressive training, strategies and mentoring.

Our modern infrastructure creates a flexible, more productive work environment. The broker, agents and staff conduct the vast majority of business and communication online and in small, social gatherings around the city.

Why choose us?
  • Opportunity to sell residential, investment or commercial real estate.
  • Agent training materials, coaching & daily challenges.
  • Strategic, tailored advice for your business.
  • Competitive commission structure.
  • Committed to diversity.
  • Hands-on real estate marketing training.
  • We partner with you on your goals.
  • Full broker support when you need it.
You’re different. You’re independent. You’re an Entrepreneur and you’ve got dreams.
And we want to help you crush it!!



The only reason this brokerage exists is to hep you reach and exceed your ideal income… We will provide the modern marketing and tech strategies and you simply have to align who you are and what you want to do.
– Dana A., Managing Broker

A|M Agent Member Benefits

  • Dedicated Broker to help you formulate your niche, build a Geographic Farm/Sphere of Influence and plan your marketing strategy.
  • Monthly challenges and strategies to help you create the structure and systems for your successful business
  • Group coaching calls packed with knowledge and actionable tips
  • Build your online presence and marketing with confidence
  • Social events for connection and motivation
  • Members-only agent section
  • A|M e-mail address (ie;
  • Virtual Phone System w/ business phone app
  • Automated dial-by-name agent phone directory
  • FREE Agent Profile Page
  • FREE online paperless transaction management system
  • FREE web presence for your listings on 100+ sites!
  • FREE custom listing presentations, flyers & marketing collateral
  • FREE CE training by industry experts.
  • All business conducted online.
  • Enhanced Agent support via phone, email, chat, and videos.
  • Agent portal available online 24 hours/day.
  • Detailed contract information online (Sample documents available).
  • HUD Approved Brokerage – Sell HUD Homes!
  • Real Estate Client Management CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) Training
  • Resource Hub – Resources including marketing samples, scripts, social media strategies, financial planning, goal tracking, business planning, etc.
  • Have the flexibility of working from a home office, on vacation or wherever you choose! Yezzz!
  • Full Brokerage Support.
  • Receive your commission directly at the closing table. No waiting!
  • Elect to discontinue affiliation at any time. No problem!
  • Easy to Join Online TODAY with just one CLICK! – See below.

Our Tools



Let’s focus on attracting those ideal, perfect clients who get you, will appreciate you and want to work with you.
– Dana A., Managing Broker

Social Media | Technology | Marketing Training
Our goal is to positively impact and partner with each agent that joins A|M. We want each agent to be successful. Very successful. Here are some of the topics we will cover:

Blogging Google
Branding Home Valuations
Buyer Seminars IDX
Cold Calling Instagram Ads
Creating a niche iPhone filming
Creating a slogan Landing pages
CRM Lead generation
CSS/HTML Lead Magnets
DSLR Filming Open Houses
EDDM mailings Podcasting
Editing Photos Postcards
Expired Listings PR-Public Relations
Facebook Ads Realvolve
Facebook Groups REDX
Facebook Page Sales Funnels
FSBO Scripts
Gmail Staging
GoDaddy Testimonials
Goal setting Youtube

On-going Broker Support
Dana Ash-McGinty, Managing Broker, is an experienced industry veteran that understands what it takes to get in the game and be successful. Partnering with Dana means you put that experience on your side, receive coaching and support to keep you motivated and hold you accountable.

Is This The Right Brokerage For You?
Frankly, this brokerage isn’t going to work for everyone.

But if you want to stir things up, do things differently, and (finally!) get the support and tools you need to attract more income, clients, and influence (and a helluva lot more freedom and fun)…

If you’re ready to stop following the pack, and trying to cram your square-peg uniqueness into someone else’s round hole.

And… if you can let go of the antiquated ideas, fear, have-tos, shoulds, and gottas that stress you out and make your head hurt…

Then you should work with us. Because together, we can make it happen.

Our success is mutual.

Committed To Diversity

Ash McGinty is committed to a culture of inclusiveness at every level of our organization. We believe in activities that foster teamwork, information sharing, harmonious and productive working relationships, and mutual respect. We welcome diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints; encourage initiative; and recognize the contributions of all agents.

We are very excited to partner with new and emerging real estate authorities and leaders of various races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religious, and political backgrounds.  

Optional Chairman’s Circle Agents
Limited positions.

You won’t find a broker more committed to both your immediate and long-term success. You’re not just a number here…

Note: All broker provided training, coaching and marketing strategies are based on $4M+ yearly sales volume.

A|M AgentsChairman’s Circle Agent
(Limited availability.)
Agent Member
Directory Listing
On-Going Broker Support
Access to A|M training
Receive calls/texts via A|M agent directory
“Featured Agent” A|M Home Page & Social Media
Learn More
“Featured Agent” for Buyer Workshops & Seminars
Learn More
“Featured Agent” Marketing & Farming Campaigns
Learn More
“Featured Listings” on A|M website(s) & social media
Audio Interview
Learn More
A|M Referral Program
Learn More
A|M MREA Coaching Circle
Learn More
A|M Advisory Board Invitation 𐄂
Chairmans Circle Member𐄂
ALL Chairmans Circle Member Benefits 𐄂
1 year, 100% Guarantee
Learn More

Learn More

Featured Agent on the A|M Homepage and Social Media
Being featured on the homepage and social media increases the number of prospective clients who will view your profile and contact you.

Featured Agent for Buyer Workshops and Seminars
Be the featured agent at First-time Homebuyer and Investor workshops and seminars.

Featured Agent for Marketing/Farming Campaigns
Be the featured agent listed for A|M local marketing and farming campaigns.

Personal Audio Interview
Dana or staff will contact you to conduct a 5-7 minute audio interview that will appear on the website and your profile. This is a great way to give prospective clients a chance to hear your voice, get to know you personally and learn more about you. (You will also be able to embed the interview on your personal webpage and/or social media.)

Referral Program
In our Referral Program, we will recommend you to leads. You will also be featured in various marketing campaigns. The brokerage will receive a 35% commission on all referrals. (Joining the Referral Program is optional.)

MREA Coaching Circle
You will be in the MREA Coaching Circle and receive Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA) group coaching.

100% Guarantee
We are so confident that A|M will produce a positive Return On Investment (ROI) that we will refund 100% of your one-year investment if it doesn’t pay for itself with at least one A|M referred client commission. (Most agents will receive substantially more.)

Commission Payments Made Simple
We want you to get paid– QUICK!
  • Deposit Commissions at any Wells Fargo
  • Get paid at the closing table with most participating closing firms
  • Get paid through Direct Deposit and never touch a check
  • Use our A|M Clear To Close Commission Advance Program

Advisory Board
The A|M Rock-Star Advisory Board provides expertise, guidance and business-development insight with regular discussions on opportunities, challenges and next steps. No start-up brokerage needs yes women (or men). We want advisory board members that are not afraid to give their opinion — even if it contradicts the thinking of others.

  • Establish strong relationships with the company’s senior leadership team
  • Beta test new advanced solutions before other agents
  • Learn about upcoming product releases in advance
  • Learn from guest speakers, such as industry analysts
  • Network with your industry peers
  • Share challenges and solutions with industry leaders
  • Discover best practices that you can implement in your business
  • Solve business issues impacting everyone on the board
  • Uncover and learn more about significant market trends that impact your business
  • Stay at the forefront of major industry happenings – news, mergers, acquisitions, etc.
  • Guide the direction of the brokerage and it’s available tools
  • Influence the brokerage’s strategic direction and roadmap
  • Influence the brokerage’s mergers and acquisitions strategy
  • Visit exclusive properties and locations
  • Participate in fun and exciting networking activities
  • Receive VIP treatment from the brokerage
  • Bolster your image/reputation in the industry and enhance your CV/resume

What is A|M?
Ash McGinty (A|M) is a boutique cloud based residential & commercial real estate brokerage.

What is a cloud based brokerage?
A cloud based brokerage is a brokerage that does not provide physical office and conducts the vast majority of their business online.

Are there really no brick and mortar offices available?
Well… we have a small hub in Petworth (DC). But, we don’t provide a brick and mortar office, not yet anyway… (hmmmmm…..)

What if I occasionally need a physical office?
We have that covered. A|M utilizes co-working facilities. (Contact us for more details.) Although… we believe agents should meet clients at the product— the real estate to be listed or currently for sale.

Where does A|M operate?
We are currently operating in multiple states with additional states in the works. Our immediate focus is in the District of Columbia and Maryland. We have not yet decided on any national or international goals.

Who is the broker for A|M?
Dana Ash-McGinty is the Qualifying Broker for each state.

What is the commission split?
Scroll up for details.

What are the monthly costs?
There are NO, Nada, Zero monthly fees.

I want check to check out your ICA.
Sure NP! You can see our Independent Contractor Agreement here.

Is there training?
A|M offers a full array of training including, challenges, coaching, and masterminds.

Where are meetings held?
Most of our meetings are held online with occasional meet-ups at local venues.

Does A|M have conferences?
Yes- with enough interest, we are planning an annual conference to be held in Naples, Florida.

What tools are available to agents?
A|M offers a wide array of tech and custom tools. (Contact us for more details.)

What kind of agent support do you offer?
A|M offers superior agent support via email, phone, chat and webinars.

What is the process of joining A|M?
Easy- scroll up to choose a plan. Once you complete the A|M Affiliation Agreement , we will immediately start the on-boarding process.

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Author Details
Dana Ash-McGinty is the Principal Broker of Ash McGinty, a Washington, DC based Real Estate Brokerage. This real estate maven has 17+ years experience in residential, commercial and land sales in addition to multi-state residential renovation, re-zoning, and condo conversion projects. A sought after real estate authority, she has been featured on CNN and in various real estate and financial publications.

Dana is married to the highly esteemed Dr. Dana W. McGinty, a Washington, DC based internal medicine physician. They are often referred to as “The Danas”.