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New To Real Estate Investing?

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4 Simple Real Estate Investment Tips For Newbies

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1) Have a Reason For Your Investment
There are tons of reasons why a person decides to invest in real estate. Whatever the reason may be, be sure that you have a strategy. Knowing why you want to invest will encourage you to reach your goal.

2) Do Your Homework
There are tons of people in real estate that will tell you numerous wonderful things about real estate investing. You have to do your own homework. Be sure you understand your investment numbers. Learn as much as you can before you move forward with any property.

3) Keep an Open Mind
One of the most common mistakes a novice makes is being pessimistic or closed minded even before things start. There may be a learning curve in the beginning and you may need to make certain mind adjustments. For example, the approach to purchasing a home to live in can be very different than the approached used to purchase an investment property. Nevertheless, keeping an open mind will allow you to see opportunities that may not have been immediately apparent.

4) Have an Exit Strategy
Before purchasing any investment property it is important to have a future exit strategy. What is your goal for the investment. Will the property be a long term investment? Or would you prefer to make repairs and immediately re-sell. Always start with the end in mind.


Dana Ash-McGinty

Principal Broker | Realtor® | “The Real Estate Maven”

Dana Ash-McGinty is the Principal Broker of ASH | MCGINTY, a Washington, DC Real Estate Brokerage. This real estate maven has 15+ years experience in residential, commercial and land sales in addition to multi-state residential renovation, re-zoning, and condo conversion projects. A sought after real estate authority, she has been featured on CNN and in various real estate and financial publications. Dana is married to the highly esteemed Dr. Dana W. McGinty, a Washington, DC based internal medicine physician. They are often referred to as “The Danas”.

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