The Pathway To Purchase Program Is Back!

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Due to COVID-19, the Pathway To Purchase Program was on hold for any applicants that had not yet completed the required Housing Quality Standard (HQS) Inspection. However, inspections have now resumed!

The Pathway To Purchase Program provides home purchase assistance to eligible first time homebuyers to purchase owner occupied or vacant residential properties anywhere in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Home purchase assistance includes down payment and/or mortgage principal reduction costs and/or closing costs.

Applicants must be first time home buyers and must not have owned residential real estate during the three years prior to the application to the Pathway To Purchase Program. (Investors or current owners of residential property are excluded from participation in this program).

The Prince George’s County Government Redevelopment Authority teamed up with with American Property Consultants to complete the Pathway To Purchase Housing Quality Standard (HQS) Inspections.

Any home considered for purchase in the Pathway To Purchase program must pass a HQS inspection before they can be purchased.

The HQS inspection must be conducted by American Property Consultants, Inc. (APC), a licensed full service inspection company.

A $139 initial inspection fee is required and is due and payable to APC before the HQS inspection can be scheduled.

Once the inspection is scheduled by American Property Consultants (APC), an additional fee of $139 will be charged for a missed appointment. Missed appointments include failure of the seller/owner to arrive within 10 minutes of scheduled appointment, no access on scheduled date or failure to have utilities turned on.

Once you are ready to begin the HQS process and schedule an inspection the following must be submitted:

  1. Housing Quality Standard Inspection Request Form
  2. Verified Move-in Inspection Checklist
  3. Pathway to Purchase COVID-19 – Preparing for your inspection
  4. Payment for the inspection must be paid via American Property Consultants website.

Note: The HQS inspection guest must be submitted prior to the FHA appraisal inspection.

American Property Consultants (APC) will complete the inspection within seven (7) business days after the unit is confirmed ready to inspect. The inspection results will be provided to the buyer/applicant and contact person. The buyer/applicant is responsible for providing the inspection results to the other parties in the transaction including but not limited to the Redevelopment Authority Pathway to Purchase coordinator, loan processor, and agents.

If the unit fails inspection, the buyer/applicant must purchase a Failed Reinspection and contact APC via email to schedule a failed re-inspection once ALL of the items are repaired. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer/applicant and owner/seller to ensure that they are within the Redevelopment Authorities Pathway to Purchase Program timeline.

Pathway To Purchase Program MD

We are here to help! Real estate transactions involve one of the biggest financial investments most people experience in their lifetime. We are experts with the Pathway To Purchase Program. In the maze of forms, financing, inspections, marketing, pricing and negotiating, it makes sense to work with professionals who know the community and much more.

Send us a message or complete the Pathway To Purchase Buyer Questionnaire to get a jumpstart!

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