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Tackle your home sale with in-depth articles, and guides, backed by Dana Ash-McGinty, one of America’s top real estate brokers and the author of “Just Sold | Selling A Home In Any Market“.

Just Sold: Selling A Home In Any Market
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Considering Selling?

If you own a property in the District of Columbia or Maryland. We can help!

Let’s get straight to the real estate commissions! (This what most people want to know first!)

Our Real Estate Agent Fees for sellers = 1.5% of sales price + $990 (listing initiation fee)

The Buyer’s agent fee is not included. For example; If the buyer’s agent fee is 2.5%, the seller who pays a 1.5% listing fee (minimum $5,000 commission) for a total of 4%.

Listing fee increased by 1% of sale price if buyer is not represented by an agent.

There are many factors that go into the successfully selling a house for maximum profit.

When referring to the greatest piece of equity in most people’s lives, it’s crucial to have the advice and efforts of a highly experienced and informed Real Estate Broker.

The process of selling any house begins long before the yard sign goes up. Keep in mind that the condition of your home will determine your asking price and terms. At ASH MCGINTY, we have an extensive network of professional service providers and will create a preparation strategy to ensure your home is ready for the market and will bring you a maximum sales price.

It has been our ongoing commitment to our clients to help with:
– Pre-Sale Renovations
– De-cluttering & Preparing for the Market
– Furniture Consignment & Donations
– Staging
– Market & Inspection Repairs
– Packing, Storage, & Moving
Dana Ash-McGinty
“Selling is emotional. I know this. Not just based on my 20+ years of selling experience, I know this personally.”
Dana Ash-McGinty, Principal Broker | Realtor | Author

Getting Prepared

Ready to sell? It is important to consider the financial impact and possible tax consequences of the sale of your property. Do you have a strategy for selling your existing home and purchasing a new home? Have you properly prepared your for the maximum sale? Being prepared can alleviate stress & frustration. We are here to help you answer these questions.

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Broker, Coach, Guide

There are many qualities and skills that go into being an excellent broker. Most importantly is the ability to discover and address the diverse needs, wants, expectations and concerns of various buyers & sellers. This ability only comes through a sincere care for people, together with years of practical experience and layered education.

Here are a few ways that the A|M team can help you sell your home:

  • Pricing Considerations – A professional’s insight in determining a pricing strategy for your property can keep you from wasting time by overpricing. Hitting the market straight on or just slightly under pricing to go into a bidding situation might work the best for you. Experience evaluating competing properties and market trends is an important aspect for choosing the right price. I will help walk you through the entire process and make sure it fits your needs.
  • Marketing Expertise – We’re Real Estate Specialists who understand the importance of exposing your home to the widest audience of potential buyers. Your home will be advertised to attract the widest spectrum of buyers. We network with thousands of salespeople and we have an extensive client base that we keep in touch with and use as a source for finding buyers. About 90% of our business stems from repeat and referral business.
  • Security – Working with Dana ensures that showings will be supervised. You can instruct unchaperoned buyers to call your agent for an appointment so that you are protected, the potential buyer is prescreened, and you can have time to clean-up if necessary before showing your home.
  • Negotiating – There’s more to negotiating a real estate contract than just the sale price. Financing terms, attached property, length of closing, home inspections, and repairs are just a few of the items that can affect the sale of your home. We take care of all of these details, to ensure you receive everything you want in the transaction.
  • Navigating Escrow – Navigating through the escrow period includes numerous real estate documents, escrow instructions, appraisals, inspections, and financing issues that we will guide you through. We will also meet specialists at your home whose services are necessary in order to complete your sales contract.

Marketing Your Home

Getting the word out that your home is for sale is job one. Designing a targeted marketing campaign, unique to your property is how it gets done. Here are some of the steps we take in marketing your home.


While you are cleaning out closets or applying a fresh coat of paint, we will market your home as “Coming Soon” to local agents, neighbors, our database of home buyers and several other sources BEFORE your home is officially listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Our goal is to generate so much interest that your home sells quickly and for top dollar.

Once you are ready to officially list your home, your property will be featured in the local MLS system, viewed daily by real estate agents and prospective buyers. Within 24 hours, your home will appear on dozens of national and hundreds of regional real estate websites. Within the week, all of your neighbors will receive a “Just Listed” postcard in their mailbox, announcing that your home is now on the market so they can spread the word to family and friends.


More than 90% of all home buyers now use the internet in their home-search process, so it is critical to that your home receives as much online visibility as possible.

This is what we do BEST! We will utilize local blogs, discussion forums, social media outlets, search engine advertising, as well as promoting your property listing on popular web sites, such as, Trulia, Zillow, Craigslist, and dozens more. Your home will also be featured on all relevant pages on our real estate websites.


We want buyers to be IMPRESSED when they first tour your home online — and when they tour it in person. Professional photography makes your home look it’s best on the internet. The brochures for your home and “Just Listed” postcards are created by a graphic designer and professionally printed.


We believe that the key to any successful relationship is COMMUNICATION. The Ash McGinty Team encourage honest, open conversations and are available to you seven days a week. We will regularly keep you updated with feedback from potential buyers and agents, and continually provide you with updates on market trends and any new competition in your neighborhood.

Schedule a Property Assessment

Your Property Assessment will answer your real estate questions including: How to determine property value? How much is my house worth? How to get your house ready to sell? Cost of selling a house. Steps to selling a house with a Realtor and more…

Note: There is a one-time $990 listing initiation fee to get started.

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