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The Availability of the American Opportunity

The American Opportunity
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Each and every one of us have the opportunity to participate (to the fullest) in a free-enterprise financial-economic system, no matter how much or how little money we have. That opportunity is real estate ownership, real estate investing.

Anyone with ambition, initiative, drive and determination can reach any financial goal they desire. The only restrictions holding us back are our own actions (or lack of action).

The American Opportunity is available to all of us. We can build wealth and achieve total independence by buying and owning real estate. There’s no limit.

Real estate opens financial doors and, when we want to invest, we can. We can establish our own independence at any time. We don’t have to ask an employer or meet with a corporate committee. We make decisions on our own- independently. This is an opportunity with few restrictions. Although there are building codes and tenant-landlord restrictions, for the most part government and its inflated bureaucracy don’t make it difficult for real estate investors.

And for all practical purposes, real estate investing is comparatively free of strong competitive forces. In fact, you’ll find a subculture of small independent real estate investors that are more friendly than competitive.

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